Protein treats made with real ingredients!

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Protein Treats

Protein Treats

Protein treats currently available for local delivery and pickup 

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  • Guilt not Included

    Enjoy delicious treats that fit your healthy lifestyle! Macro friendly, gluten free, no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. Our treats are made with the best ingredients - no compromises. Find us in MyFitnessPal!

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  • Simply Sweet

    Say hello to natural sweetness! We use only natural sugar sources to sweeten our treats, such as raw local honey, pure organic maple syrup, unsweetened applesauce, sweet potato, and organic cane sugar.

  • Empowr Nutrition

    All of our protein treat recipes are created by our certified nutrition coach. We are committed to using only real food and balanced macronutrients, so you can indulge happily.

  • Promix

    Do whey better! We love the grass fed whey and casein protein options from Promix Nutrition. No crazy fillers or sweeteners. Be sure to order through our link for free shipping!

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  • Naked Nutrition

    Easiest and tastiest way to up your protein intake without compromise. Naked Nutrition is another great option for protein supplements with clean ingredients!

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