Nutrition Info


Our treats are macro friendly!

This means that the macronutrient value of our treats is better balanced than typical treats or desserts. More protein, beneficial fats, fewer carbs, much less sugar, and more fiber.
And because we use real, whole food, our treats are packed with micronutrients, making them an excellent choice for a nutrient dense protein snack!


We believe in using real food and are committed to using only the best ingredients. As often as we can, we will use organic ingredients. We only use eggs that are pasture raised/cage free/organic, real butter, and whole food ingredients. You can find the full ingredient list for each treat in the description on the product page.


We use grass fed whey protein with no fillers, artificial sweeteners, flavors, etc. Just grass fed whey, vanilla, and sunflower lecithin (to prevent foaming). Some of our treats have a vegan option where we use organic vegan protein (pea protein isolate), and, of course, no fillers, artificial sweeteners, flavors, or any other unnecessary ingredients.

All of our treats are gluten free. We use paleo friendly flours like cassava and coconut in our donuts, and almond in our muffins. We only use real, natural sugar to sweeten our treats and never use artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

Why use natural sugar?

While using natural sugar adds calories to our treats and artificial sweeteners would mean "less grams of sugar" and "less calories," natural sugars carry necessary nutrients. Artificial sweeteners and fake sugars have little to no nutritional value, and can wreak havoc on the digestive system. Often times, when we are craving sweets it is because our bodies are needing nutrients from carbohydrates and/or the nutrients from natural sugar sources. When we try to curb those cravings with artificial sweeteners, we aren't providing those nutrients for our bodies which can leave us still craving sweets and tends to lead to overindulging.
So, we use natural sugar sources like raw honey, organic maple syrup, applesauce, sweet potato, bananas, and organic cane sugar making our treats delicious AND satisfying!

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*We strive to make the best treats with the best ingredients! Because of this, we may make changes or adjustments to our recipes and we will always do our best to have those changes reflected on this page.